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Everyone tries to keep oneself and one’s family in comfort. Sooner or later we all face the choice – either to install new PVC windows or to repair old ones? Why do we recommend installing new PVC windows?

By choosing new PVC windows you save your health and the health of your family members, as unlike conventional windows Gealan window units almost completely prevent dust and polluted air from the street from entering the room.

Such a small thing as different window opening methods becomes a necessity in our climate. You can open a PVC window not only in usual manner, but also tilt it or put it in a micro-ventilation regime, thus avoiding drafts.

Due to exceptional thermal insulation properties of metal-plastic windows your apartment will be warm and comfortable in any weather. If the windows in your apartment overlook the busy street – this is one more reason to get PVC windows – they have good soundproofing qualities and you will not hear any load voices under your windows or noise of passing cars.

The special design of Gealan window fittings makes it much harder to crack the windows, and using a special protective film you will be able to completely protect your home!

PVC windows will fit into the interior of any home. Gealan windows are both safe and beautiful!

Kaskaad-TS OÜ will help you to make your home look better and increase its safety!